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Hi I'm Anne, an HR and Learning & Development Consultant

Do you and your management team desperately want to stop feeling overworked and exhausted and instead enjoy your work day feeling focused, invigorated and go home with the WOW I DID IT factor!

If you want to make change happen today then I can help you!


How? By giving practical, interactive and engaging techniques proven to free up time and drive focus on value added objectives that can have a real impact on your business, delivered with my own dash of fun and humour!


Why choose Me to help you?

I have been there! As a Manager I have stayed up at night thinking about all the tasks I hadn’t finished, feeling overwhelmed, unfocused causing burnout and eventually 2 months off work to recover. I have now made the learning's a specialty Superpower! I am also an HR and L&D professional with years of experience creating and delivering empowering global management training so I know how to help you!

Easterly Winds Consulting, Coaching & Development Services

For small to medium sized businesses who passionately believe in investing in their Managers and their teams professional growth and development but do not have their own HR or Training Team to do this for them

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Game Changer Management Development in just 9 weeks

With all the change that's happening do you need to

re-energise your managers and want to invest in their development but do not have the time, resource or the skills needed to create impactful courses yourself?

Are some of your managers getting overwhelmed, working late and struggling to focus on what really needs to be done to add value and you desperately want to support them? 

I have the solution that can reawaken your managers enthusiasm, give them time back that they desperately want so that they can focus on what excites them!


Introducing my 9 week Pathway to Success programme!

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Easterly Winds is an excellent, professional consultancy service that truly works with you in partnership.  Through Anne’s passion for training and her commitment and integrity for developing teams, she brilliantly aligns with the business’ objectives and ensures that our staff feel valued and engaged.  Anne focuses on the development of the teams whilst also ensuring the commercial aspects are delivered to ensure maximum return on the investment.

Lynsey Bryant - Hunt, People and Culture Director, Solent International Group

If you are looking for short impactful bursts of management training on specific skills that can elevate your managers development to a whole new level rather than a 9 week programme then these options are perfect for you

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E - Learning Toolkit

Do you need some external learning to support your management onboarding and continuous professional development but have a tight budget and there is not much time to dedicate to a full training programme?

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60min to 90min Managers Skill Elevators

Is time limited but you still want to develop specific Management skills and behaviours that when implemented correctly can develop others?

lady reading a book with a coffee in hand

30min to 60min Energisers

These short bursts of learning on a range of topics invigorates the growth mindset towards a happier balanced work life - Perfect for everyone as part of employee development or wellbeing initiatives. 

If you want to take control and sleep better tonight knowing you have taken the first step to making a powerful shift in your business, then let's talk and find how I can help you make this happen

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Before you leave I would love to send you a sample of how I work in my Top 3 Ways to Re - focus on What's Important download! You will also receive monthly tips and resources direct to your inbox that can help you develop yourself, others and find more time for what you want to do!

Thanks for submitting and Welcome!

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