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Management Training

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Our management skills training aims to enhance skillset by giving practical tips and techniques that boost self confidence and build credibility as a great manager. Discover aspects of people management that nurture relationships and inspire growth and productivity developing a high performing team. 

Choose from an inhouse full management programme or specific one off workshop topics delivered in your workplace for larger groups or virtually for remote teams.

Don't waste hours of development time feeling overwhelmed creating management and leadership training that you think will work.
Instead we can launch an engaging, interactive and experienced programme guaranteed to empower your managers and motivate their teams

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"Developing an impactful management programme in your business can take hours of pain staking brainstorming, designing and developing supporting materials plus there is the onboarding communications, admin and on and on... months of work before the programme even starts! I know, as I have done it many many times "

- Anne East, Director of EasterlyWinds Consulting Ltd


If you haven't got your own Learning and Development resource or the time to figure this out yourself, then we have created an impactful and time saving solution for you.

The simplest way to embed consistent management skills in your business over 9 weeks without investing in a L&D team

The Pathway to Success Management Programme

  • 6 modules chosen from our wide selection of topics to bridge any skills gaps

  • 2.5 hours each - total 15 hours of learning

  • Delivered in house or online

  • Dates flexible

  • Can be bespoke to meet the needs and values of the business

  • Pre and post assessment survey included to evaluate short term success

  • Post training activities given to embed the learning

  • Additional 1:1 Power hour coaching available as an extra, to support and boost confidence

  • Workbook and materials included

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easterly Winds is an excellent, professional consultancy service that truly works with you in partnership. Through Anne’s passion for training and her commitment and integrity for developing teams, she brilliantly aligns with the business’ objectives and ensures that our staff feel valued and engaged. Anne focuses on the development of the teams whilst also ensuring the commercial aspects are delivered to ensure maximum return on the investment.

- Lynsey Bryant - Hunt, Solent International Ltd

Whether new to the role or been a manager for a while, the Pathway to Success will power up management behaviours and agilities in just 9 weeks, saving you time and boosting their confidence! 

What are the huge benefits for You?

Confidence Job Done well

Every Manager will receive high quality training experience driving consistent behaviours throughout your business linked to your company values

Engaged Managers

Fully blended learning experience for a minimum of 5 managers, involving live module sessions, break out activities, pre work and on the job embedment

Flexible Delivery Approach

Can be delivered virtually via Zoom or face to face depending on your needs and location of your managers. Great way to bring the team together in mutual development growth. 

Saves Time for You

Achieve a key Development initiative by outsourcing the design and delivery of an empowering programme that can motivate your managers so they can develop your employees, retaining talent and encourage succession.

Courses Topics

A selection of course topics that can be delivered as part of the Pathway to Success (6 modules) or as individual 2.5 hour workshops

  • Role model behaviours of a great manager

  • Goal setting and setting expectations

  • Time management

  • How to motivate yourself and others

  • Effective delegation

  • Change management

  • Mental health awareness for managers

  • Develop your emotional intelligence

  • Coaching others

  • Delivering constructive feedback

  • Courageous conversations (most popular)

  • What is your preferred management style?

  • Performance management

  • Recruitment and talent management

  • HR for non HR managers

An example of one of our clients chosen programme

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Why not celebrate completing the Pathway to Success training with an added 2 hour special team building exercise and gift box from Dorset Treasures Ltd

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