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My Tested 5 Top Tips for those New to Management

One minute you are in the team, and the next, you are managing the team but will they listen to you?

This month I have run several training sessions for new managers in small businesses who have been promoted internally, for many reasons including that they were highly skilled at their current role and wanted to progress so moved into management.

However, I found that many did not fully understand what their new role was so suddenly transitioned from confidence to feeling unsure. They did not have the skill set to manage others so are doubting themselves and often experiencing the challenging dynamic of now managing their team mates!

Perhaps this sounds familiar? Are your new managers feeling some of those 'overwhelm' emotions? Rest assured those feelings can easily turn into confidence, decisiveness, and pride. It just takes the right mindset, training on the skill set and time.

My top 5 tips on moving from “being in the team to managing the team” are:

  1. Be proud and celebrate the change in position. You would not have been promoted if your business did not feel you could handle the role, so have faith in your abilities and try to re-adjust your mindset towards “you can do this”.

  2. Your team need to learn to appreciate that you are now in charge, so set clear boundaries and expectations. One way you can do this is by setting a team charter detailing how you all want to respect each other and work together.

  3. Have a 1:1 with each team member individually discussing how they are feeling since the change of you moving into your new role and how you will work together going forwards. Think of this meeting as a productive way to make sure they are on the same page as you.

  4. Set yourself some clearly defined 90-day goals. Learning new responsibilities, systems, processes, can be overwhelming, by setting a few short -term goals that are written down you can keep your focus in the right place!

  5. Be authentic and available. Be true to yourself, think about what type of manager do you want to be? What behaviours do your role models exhibit? Be available for your team and realise they are also adjusting to you being in charge.

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