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New Year, New Me? or is it New Year, New Plan!

We have seen lots of New Year, New Me posts on social media lately but for many of us this is not necessarily a New financial year. You may be in Q3 or Q4 right now instead of Q1! Regardless of where you are in the “year” now is a great time to really think about what you want to achieve. I did this is during an hour in a coffee shop about a week ago and it really helped so I wanted to share how I did this.

Why, What, Who and When

1. I first considered “why” I do what I do. Professionally I am a business owner, trainer, Senior School governor and HR professional but my “why” behind my workload is my family! So I started visualising what do I want to be able to do this year- holidays, my daughter driving lessons, spend quality weekends caravanning with them etc. business wise I want to feel proud of what I do, feel that I provide value to my clients and have financial freedom. These feelings and wants are the vision behind my business goals. Write them down, cut pictures and make a vison board or put a picture as your computer background, whichever, but keep these in your mind throughout the rest of this process.

2. What do I need to do to achieve those wants and feelings? I started brainstorming an entire list, post its flying everywhere! Embrace the crazy mind mapping process and capture all your ideas.

Many goal setters stop at this phase as they think “well I know what I want to do so I will just start to do it”. For some that works, but for the majority they fizzle out they are forgotten by March and daily life kicks in! Just think about New Years resolutions and why many people don’t stick to them!! Keep reading….

3. Consider now Who do you need to help you to achieve those goals. Your team, your boss, your family, friends, mentors, other work colleagues. Write the list down of people you need support from.

4. Finally look back at your ideas and then sort them into Quarterly goals and targets – a detailed plan starts to form. For each idea have 3 specific actions you can do to make it happen and who you need to help you. Keep this plan visual and somewhere you can see it. I use Trello boards, and a large A3 paper split into 4 (representing each financial quarter or 3 months) and my goals written to keep me on track.

Give this a go. It’s not rocket science but according to Brian Tracy – author of Goals! How to get everything you want-faster than you thought possible “For every 1 minute you spend planning, saves 10 minutes execution”

If you like the whole brained approached to setting goals, download my Goal setting tips for more ways to help re-focus your business goals.

If your team or managers need some support in a structured environment, contact us and we can organise a virtual or face to face session for you.

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